Ayurveda Kapha Dosha Posters Workbook Guides Alternative Medicine



✦ Ayurveda Kapha Dosha Guides Package & Digital Print ✦

It is an art printable for personal use. It describes the Kapha Dosha In detail on how to balance it, Yoga and pranayama for Kapha , Ayurveda Morning Routine, Causes of Kapha Dosha Imbalance and Kapha balancing tips. It also gives you a Kapha Food Guide. You can place this on your bedroom, living room, or study room walls.

It is also excellent gift for those who are studying alternative medicine or Ayurvedic studies.

These guide sheets are a part of a bundle of 3 vata pitta and kapha guide sheets. If you are interested to get more value you can purchase the bundle

✦ What Is It? ✦

It is a printable or a digital download file which you can instantly download and print. It will be in pdf format for good quality.

✦ What Sizes You Will Get? ✦

You will receive following sizes
– US Letter Size
– A4 Size

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