Ayurveda Whole Shop Bundle – Ayurveda Printable + Digital Planner, Vata Pitta Kapha Guides, 27 Posters, Herb Flashcards & Cheat Sheets



Ayurveda Mega Whole Shop Bundle

This bundle contains all the Ayurveda related 52 printables and digital files in the shop.

Following is the list of products you will receive:

1. Ayurveda Clock

2. Ayurveda Hair Care Guide

3. I am Vata Pitta Kapha Set of 3 Posters

4. Six Tastes Poster

5. Face Diagnosis Poster

6. Tongue Diagnosis Chart Poster

7. Tongue Diagnosis Detailed Chart Poster

8. Nail Diagnosis Chart

9. Brahma Muhurata Poster

10. Dincharya Poster

11. Dosha Guna Poster

12. Ayurveda Srotamsi Chart Poster

13. Nadi Parikshan Poster

14. Nadi Parikshan Detailed Poster

15. Ayurveda Herbs Chart

16. Sites of Vata Pitta Kapha Posters Set of 3

17. Ritucharya Calendar 2024

18. Ayurveda Definition Poster

19. Ayurveda Sapta Dhatu Poster

20. Ayurveda Basics 5 Elements Poster

21. Ayurveda Subdoshas Poster

22. Ayurveda Trigunas Poster

23. 8 Vata Guides

24. 8 Pitta Guides

25. 8 Kapha Guides

26. Ayurveda Bookmarks Set of 21 Bookmarks

27. Ayurveda Herbs Flashcards

28. Ayurveda Printable Planner

29. Ayurveda Printable Planner Separators

30. Ayurveda Goodnotes and Notability Digital Planner 2023 & 2024

31. Ayurveda Social Media Canva Templates

32. Ayurveda Quick Reference Dictionary

33. Ayurveda Marma Chart Poster

34. Marma of Hands and arms

35. Marma of Lower limbs

36. Ayurvedic Herbs Cheat Sheet Guides

37. Ayurveda Client Intake Form

38. Ayurveda OneNote Digital Planner

39. Marma Chart Supraclavicular Region

40. Marma Chart Abdomen and Thorax

41. Marma Chart of Back

42. Marma Points flashcards

43. Ayurveda instagram story highlights

44. Ayurveda 10 qualities chart

45. Ayurveda Samprapti chart

46. Ayurveda Abhyanga chart

47. Ayurveda Lord Dhanwantari Poster

48. Ayurveda Basics Cheat Sheets

49. Ayurveda Agni Ama Cheat Sheets

50. Ayurveda client Examination printable guide

51. Ayurveda client examination guide for goodnotes and notabilitiy or any other note taking app

52. Marma Chart large size full body

You are not allowed to resell the products in any case.

✦ What Is It? ✦

It is a printable or a digital download file which you can instantly download and print. It will be in pdf format for good quality. Some products are also in png or jpg format.

✦ What Sizes You Will Get? ✦

Sizes are different for different products individually. Please checkout the individual listings for each product to check the sizes.

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