Ayurveda Poster Chart, Samprati The Disease Process Concept Poster



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This is a chart poster which depicts the concept of Samprapti or The process of disease in Ayurveda. Ayurveda explains the development of a disease as a six stage process which is as follows:
– Sanchaya or Accumulation of Doshas
– Prakopa or Aggravation of Doshas
– Prasara or Spread of Doshas
– Sthana Samshraya or Localization of Doshas
– Vyakti or Manifestation of Qualitative Changes
– Bheda or Differenciation / Destruction of Tissues

It is great for self study as well as an excellent gift for those who are studying alternative medicine or Ayurvedic studies.

If you run an Ayurvedic institute or consultancy, it is perfect to decorate your office walls.

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It is a printable or a digital download file which you can instantly download and print. It will be in pdf format for good quality.

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You will receive a large poster of
– 50×70 cms

If you need size altering, you can contact me.

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